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Steventon Children’s House


Overton Children’s House








Our daily routine

9.00 am Arrivial Time with self registration
9.00-12.15 am Montessori Work Cycle (Individual and small group activities)
10.00 -12.00 am Snack of organic fruit and home grown produce is available, having been prepared by the children
12.00 am First collection time for younger children
12.15-12.30 pm Whole group time, stories, music, show and tell and discussion
12.30 pm End of morning session
12.30 – 1.30 pm Lunch time. All children sit down for their lunch with the staff, a very sociable time
1.30-3.00 pm Afternoon session
  Our Afternoons-a rough guide
  Our afternoons are whole group based, we follow the children’s current interests and needs so all planning is flexible.
Monday Dancing with Dan, Cooking or local walk and Montessori extensions
Tuesday French with Sandrine and Montessori extensions
Wednesday Steventon only-Messy play and Montessori extensions
Thursday Sport with James
Friday Closed